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Corporate culture core - corporate purposes

Innovative life with passion, science and technology to achieve their dreams. To create a brand by science and technology, rely on the quality of survival, in accordance with the talent and development, with the credibility of eternal map.


Corporate core values - the pursuit of excellence

Customer is the embodiment of the value of communication Tianbo

Talent is the capital of Tianbo Communication

Win-win situation, sharing, co-progressive system

Sustainable development and beyond

Follow the market, work hard, continue to innovate, honest and trustworthy, brave to play, into the blood of service awareness, continue to create value for customers.


Corporate culture core - the spirit of enterprise

Honesty - the basic requirements of a man to do things, to do things in advance. Honesty accelerated the birth of the company, but also helped companies weather the storm;

Modest - modest benefit, full of trickery, with patience urgency, not afraid of loss, modest, kind, not proud, not enemies, non-confrontation, courteous treatment of others; not by necessity;

Seriously - to enable enterprises to break through the limit, you can get excellent and perfect results;


corporate vision

To become the world's leading security service provider, how big the heart, how big the stage, we use sweat bearing the past, so hope to lead the future, with full enthusiasm to write brilliant movement.


Our Mission

Create a safe world of wisdom

House of workers

TINCAM pays attention to the growth of each partner, respects employees, cares for employees and promotes employees. Through colorful and collective activities of employees, TINCAM creates excellent corporate culture and staffs to build and share together and seek common benefits. Continue to create greater value for customers, to provide staff with a platform to achieve their dreams, to make its due contribution to the community!