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AfterSale CommonProblem technical

Service measures: 

My company's products have one to three years, "Three Guarantees" period, you can purchase the company's products within one year from the product any problems can be returned, replacement, three-year package repair. My company sells products to customers are the implementation of life-long warranty and maintenance supplies needed spare parts. Products delivered by our company have been insured for handling transportation. Due to the transportation process caused by product quality problems should be responsible for the replacement of the company, the cost borne by the company; your company can purchase training for free operator, trainees to understand the working principle of equipment, operating procedures, and maintenance, maintenance methods. We passed the test more than 3 times, the quality of our products is absolutely guaranteed. Even if the product has any problems, no matter the customer is coming, call, letter, we will deal with the opinion in 24 hours. And immediately notify the user. Need to send personnel to the user site processing, should be completed within 24 hours. In addition, my company has established a customer file, will be regular service tracking and quality tracking.

Remind: Can not enjoy the "Three Guarantees service policy" situation:

1. Three bags beyond the validity period; 

2. Failure to use, maintenance and custody caused by the "Instructions for Use" failure or damage;

3. No effective three bags Vouchers and proof of purchase; 

4 unauthorized tampering with the three packs of evidence and three packs of evidence on the information and the goods do not match; 

5. due to force majeure caused the failure or damage;

purchase vouchers, three packs of vouchers is your service is important Documents, please keep it safe and be sure to carry it every time you receive service. If you can not produce a valid Three Guarantees voucher and valid purchase certificate, then the failure machine is not free service. When you handle the return, if there is no valid purchase certificate and valid three packs of evidence, purchase voucher and three packs of evidence privately altered, the product has obvious trauma or scratches, packaging damage, the attachment is missing, etc., the product Not in the scope of the return.